Scottish Open Volleyball

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The PLUS volleyball team took part in the Scottish Open Volleyball Tournament over the last weekend. We got to the semi final in our section and had a very happy time in doing so – despite the rain!!  We fought close matches and had good opportunities to discuss and improve our own mental wellbeing. PLUS Perth has been using sport to raise awareness of mental health issues for 15 year now.

Trellis Conference

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Tofer and I attended the Trellis Conference at the Bield, Blackruthven,
on the fifth of March. This was my first visit; I found its olde-world
house set in woodlands an enchanting place.
After registration and coffee, there was the first presentation. This
was by Stuart Pomfret, of HMP Dumfries, who works to make prison a
restorative place for offenders. He explained to us how gardening can
assist this aim, with the help of the community.
Then Elizabeth Pilgrem told of the Social and Therapeutic Horticultural
movement. This uses gardening to positive effect in palliative care.
People in hospices work with plants and flowers in various ways;
growing miniature gardens; making planters, flower baskets and
pot-pourri. These activities increase patient well-being, and bring
freedom from pain and distress; families and carers also benefit.
Kenneth Cox, who talked about Scotland’s fruit and vegetables, gave
our first workshop; potatoes, apples and pears as well as soft fruits are
the ones most commonly produced.
After lunch and a look at the stalls – RHS and Greenspace Scotland
among them –there was a talk given by Jim McColl, horticulturist
and TV personality. Jim gave a lively account of his own career, and
answered audience questions.
Then to the last, a talk by Anthony McCluskey, Conservation Officer for
Butterfly Conservation. Anthony gave interesting info on butterflies
and bees, and what plants to grow to help our insect friends. Tofer
said we have all the flowers mentioned growing in Horner’s Plot!
Then it was onto the Shuttle Bus again, and home, after an informative
day, meeting interesting and kindly people.
Frances Fairweather

PLUS Members meet up

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On the 28th February Some PLUS members met to discuss various issues and opportunities available at the minute.  Included in the discussions were; The ongoing Inquiry into Tayside MH services, PLUS work representing the voice of experience and ensuring the equality of the ‘knowing’ voice, Andy Mans Club as an extremely valuable help to men and also various activities and volunteering jobs for PLUS members.

The importance of having purpose and feeling you mattered was also discussed –   how to combat the dangers of being on your own and the downside of inward thinking. WRAP was talked about as a way of changing ones thinking to a belief of having some control in how our mental health is, and the chance of becoming a WRAP trainer.

The session ended at 1pm and the group enjoyed the experience of meeting, being together and sharing their thoughts and ideas.

eCPR Training

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PLUS Perth is offering an innovative training in Perth on June 26 & 27 for people to develop their skills to help another in a crisis. EmotionalCPR  an accredited training will be led by Dr Dan Fisher, a psychiatrist who himself has recovered from a diagnosis of schizophrenia.

PLUS have worked over the last 5 years to bring emotionalCPR to Scotland. Perth is the first place in the UK to train people in it with participants travelling from all over Scotland to access it. Wales and England are now holding workshops this year.

Susan Scott PLUS Manager said;

We all experience emotional distress at some time in our lifetime, it’s what makes us human. This training teaches participants how to respond to someone in distress with real compassion and understanding, to be with and not try to fix.  I was a psychiatric nurse for many years and this approach is leaps and bounds in front of what I was taught.  I believe using the principles of emotionalcpr can make a huge difference to helping someone in a crisis.

The workshop will take place on Tuesday 26 and Wednesday 27 June in Perth.

For more information on eCPR visit

Phone 01738 626242/email to enquire or book a place.