WRAP Training

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PLUS organised a Wellness Recovery Action Plan(WRAP) workshop with fourteen Perth college tutors for two days at the end of termIt went excellently.
Feedback we got said things like:“Love WRAP and will push for our service to change to incorporate it”  “As a result of the training I realised I can do things that improve my own mental wellbeing, that’s so significant”“That doing simple things for myself can be very effective and have huge benefits”.“Bonding with others and relaxing, remembering to look after myself are things to take away from the sessions”

The training reinforces the message that everyone has mental health and there is indeed ways we can protect and improve our own mental wellbeing. 

Susan Scott, manager of PLUS said;PLUS has been an enthusiastic promoter of WRAP since it was first used in Scotland around 12 years ago. We would like to continue organising workshops for those feeling they need something to ensure their resilience, especially for helpful in relationships with those who are struggling emotionally.