Do We Really Need Mental Health Professionals?

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An interesting piece by Gary Sidley, PHD on madinamerica, popular
mental health blog site poses the question ‘Do We Really Need
Mental Health Professionals?’

This question is very relevant to us at a time when NHS Tayside is
redesigning their Adult Mental Health and Learning Disability
In- Patient Services. The closure of 3 General Adult Psychiatry units
including Murray Royal and a centralised unit at Carseview, Dundee
one of 4 options. Relevant because the rationale for this course of
action is due to “How can we maintain safe services as we don’t have
enough nurses and Dr’s on the ground”.

Perhaps the question to be asked first of all is ‘what are the best ways
to help people in mental distress’ and then get the answers and some
alternative suggestions from those people who have received mental
health care and treatment. People say they just need to be cared
about and listened to – more often than not they are having that need
met by the ward cleaner, student nurse and other people in the ward.
So maybe a different type of workforce using different skills – skills
needed for human development such as listening, understanding
and empowering are what is needed. The Soteria Houses approach
includes primarily non-medical staffing; preserving resident’s
personal power, social networks, and communal responsibilities;
finding meaning in the subjective experience of psychosis by “being
with” clients; and no or minimal use of antipsychotic medication. So
the question is ‘Do we really need mental Health professionals? We
would like to hear your view on this.

If anyone would like more information on the NHS redesign of
services contact PLUS and we can send you the most recent NHS
Tayside Update.

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