News from the PLUS Rural Groups

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It has now been one year I have been in post as PLUS Rural involvement worker. I have spent very valuable time building my contacts and strengthening my partnerships with other organisations, as well as, but most importantly of all working with and meeting PLUS members keen to make a difference.

We have managed to get together several times over the last year, having good discussions and sharing new information.
It has now come to the New Year, with a lot of good ideas for us all to take it a stage further. It is always a main part of
PLUS and also my focus to ensure that the members steer the group and let me know of things that are important to them.

In Blairgowrie, we are in the process of setting up a garden project, art groups and workshops, computer skills workshops,
showing documentaries and organising guest speakers on promoting empowered people and communities.
In Kinross, we are arranging different documentary showings centred on empowerment and inviting speakers to share
up to date information and stories on issues identified by the members in the member meetings, we may also be
arranging taster sessions on complementary therapies, self-management and wellbeing workshops.

If you are interested in getting involved with any of the projects in either area please contact the PLUS office on
01738 626242 or turn up.

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