PLUS Training Packages

Our trainers are the best because they are experts by experience in mental health. As such they are the embodiment of successful management of mental health issues.


Over the years we have developed our own training packages which are delivered by specially-trained members of PLUS. The value of these packages is enhanced by the first-hand knowledge of our trainers.


(prices from £500 for 10 people)

Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP®) focuses on prevention and recovery, rather than ‘symptom control’. This results in a significant reduction in time off work and days lost as people who experience mental health challenges effectively manage their own wellness using a variety of tools and techniques.

The only formal requirement is that the person must want to participate in WRAP® training.

Information is imparted through discussion and individual and group exercises, and examples from the lives of the facilitators and participants. The intervention is tailored to suit the needs of the participants, and can be delivered in a single day or over a number of weeks. Participants often choose to continue meeting and supporting each other after the training.

With this knowledge and by using the Wellness Tools individuals will discover and develop for themselves, the Wellness Recovery Action Plan will help them feel well more often and move them forward, helping them enjoy life to the full.

Employers will notice improved performance; visible reduction in absenteeism; increases in staff resilience, productivity, morale and attitude; and improvements in employee loyalty and retention.

The course will cover:
• Developing an action plan to be used when you need others to take over responsibility for your care.
• Identifying those things you need to do every day to keep yourself well.
• Identifying the external ‘triggers’ that can make you feel worse.
• Defining how WRAP® can be used on a daily basis at your work, home and socially.

Please contact us to discuss your customized training schedule.
Prices start at £500 for a one-day course (max 10 people).
For groups of more than 20 people additional trainers may be required.

To find out more or book a course, please call Susan Scott on 01738 626242