PLUS Members’ Spring Gathering

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The Scottish Minister for Sport, Health Improvement and Mental Health, Jamie Hepburn gave the keynote address at our members Spring Gathering on Friday in the Queens Hotel. We invited the minister so we could find out more about his role of improving mental health in Scotland and to establish a communicative partnership with him and the Scottish government. He also took part in a question & answer session with us, discussing issues such as welfare reform,  mental health budgets, smoking in psychiatric in – patient facilities and how PLUS can have more influence on policy and practice.

Marilyne Kubath said

“ Myself and the other PLUS members really appreciated getting the chance to question the minister directly. He was very approachable and friendly and seemed to enjoy just talking with some of us on an individual basis too. Having him at our gathering was a fabulous vote of confidence for us”.

Overall we all agreed the visit had been extremely empowering and although everyone was not 100% happy with all of ministers points of view they felt satisfied they had their voices heard and would be able to go on to act on some of the live issues in a positive and more informed way.  We intend to keep in touch with the minister.

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